Wolk, Dodd, and Tearney - Accounting Theory: Conceptual Issues in a Political and Economic Environment

The authors, all of whom hail from Duke U., give students and professionals a solid background in the elements of accounting theory and apply those elements to practice that includes consideration of economic and political concerns. They concentrate on the principles behind the standards, covering policy-making pol·i·cy·mak·ing or pol·i·cy-mak·ing   ..... Click the link for more information., the relation between accounting theory and research, the development of the institutional structure of financial accounting, conceptual frameworks For the concept in aesthetics and art criticism, see . for standards, the usefulness of accounting information to investors and creditors, uniformity and disclosure, international accounting, the balance sheet and income statement, accounting for changing prices and inflation, income taxes, pensions and other post-retirement benefits, leases and equity investments. The authors include a variety of new questions, cases, problems and writing assignments, many based on real-world conditions for this edition.
Harry Wolk, James Dodd, and Michael Tearney
South-Western Coll Pub|2003|ISBN: 0324186231|744 p|PDF| 68,8 MB

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