Virgil L. Burton III - Encyclopedia of Small Business, 4th Edition

While the actions of large companies are the subject of most business news cycles small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. These businesses employ over half of all U.S. workers and they account for 64 percent of net new jobs. Small business (often defined as a business with less than 100 workers) may be small but it is everywhere. It is innovative adaptive and has a ubiquitous presence in most every American city.
Like many small firms the fourth edition of the Encyclopedia of Small Business has adapted to fit the current economic times. This edition like its predecessors features new entries and reflects the rapidly changing environment by intensive updating of its contents. Since the last edition the global economy has been convulsed by a recession brought on by disruptions in the worlds financial sector and a comprehensive overhaul of the American health care system has been signed into law to name just two events with significant long term economic implications. This encyclopedia reflects all of these changes. Virtually every entry has had to be revised many rather extensively to mirror accurately the dynamically changing economic environment.
Virgil L. Burton III

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